About bob 12


Sandra Scroggins, CEO


  • Education Specialist Degree, Education Administration
  • Master of Education Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Mathematics

Professional Experience

  •  Instructional Coach, Mathematics
  • Educator, Middle School Math
  • Educator, High School Math

 Scroggins Mathematics Services, Inc. 

Scroggins Mathematics Service, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Sandra Scroggins, a former Title I Instructional Coach, America’s Choice Coach, College Board SpringBoard Coach and Middle School Mathematics teacher. With over 12 years of experience Scroggins Mathematics Service, Inc. has used a  research-based mathematics curriculum  that has been especially effective in improving students’ mathematics performance on state assessments and in the classroom


“Math 911: Strategies To Help All Students Master Mathematics”: Rainbow Elementary, DeKalb County ( January- April 2017 and August-September 2014); Avondale Elementary, DeKalb (March, 2014)

Coordinate Algebra Boot Camp, Columbia HS, DeKalb ( November-April 2016-2017  & March & April 2014)

Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) Boot Camp, Columbia HS, DeKalb (April 2013)

CRCT Boot Camps: Stephenson MS, DeKalb (April 2013); Stone Mountain MS, DeKalb (April 2013); Salem MS, DeKalb (2013); Best Academy, Atlanta (April 2011);  Lovejoy MS, Clayton (2010)


“Effective Planning and Teaching”, Idlewood Elementary, DeKalb County (December 2014 and January 2015)

 “Math 911: Strategies To Help All Students Master Mathematics”: Bob Mathis Elementary, DeKalb(February 2015); Clayton State University ( January 2011; Riverdale Elementary, Clayton County, January 2011; South Carolina Council for Teachers of Mathematics (SCCTM) and Georgia Council for Teachers of Mathematics(GCTM), October 2010-2014

“Math 911 for Parents”: Bob Mathis Elementary, DeKalb County( March 2015, November 2014 & January,2014); Redan Elementary, DeKalb County (March 2015, November 2014 & March 2014); Idlewood Elementary, DeKalb County (February 2015)

Math Interventions that Work” & “Differentiated Math”, Staff Development for Educators (SDE) Ohio Middle School Conference, Columbus, Ohio ( November, 2011)

” Math 911: How to Use Technology to Help Students Master Mathematics”, Savannah Regional Education Conference (March, 2011)

“Are You Smarter Than a Middle Grader,”: Avondale Elementary, DeKalb County (March 2010) Title I Parent Conference, DeKalb(March 2010); E.L. Miller Elementary School ,DeKalb County (March, 2010)

“Math 911: Strategies to Help All Students Master Mathematics”, South Carolina Teachers of Mathematics (October, 2010)

“Putting Differentiated Instruction into Practice”: Bob Mathis Elementary, DeKalb County (February 2015 & April 2014); Stephenson Middle School, DeKalb County (May 2011); Georgia  Council for Teachers of Mathematics Conference ( October, 2009)

“Test Taking Strategies”,  Title I Parent Conference, DeKalb County ( October, 2010)


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