Professional Development

Research has shown educator’s quality to be the most important influence upon student achievement. High quality professional development is essential to increase educators’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs so that they may enable all students to learn at high levels. Scroggins Mathematics Service, Inc. provides quality professional development that has the power to increase educators’ knowledge of academic content and teaching skills while changing what educators believe about student learning and how they interact with students. Powerful professional development can transform schools into places in which all adults and students are deeply engaged in learning and making meaning of their lives.


  • Math 911: Strategies to Help All Students Master Mathematics (1PLU)
    • Math 911 for Elementary Teachers (1PLU)
    • Math 911 for Middle School Teachers (1PLU)
    • Math 911 for Math I Teachers (1PLU)
  • Math 911 for Educators: “Strategies to Help Students Master Common Core”
  • Putting Differentiated Instruction into Practice
  • America’s Top Classroom (Standards-Based)
  • Beginning, Middle and End (3-Part Lesson)
  • Mysteries & Investigations (Examining Student’s Work)
  • What Are You Really Saying? (Teacher Commentary)
  • Teaching With Depth: Understanding of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
  • The Urgency of Data
  • What’s Your Emergency?: Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Common Core Standards: What Difference will They Make?


  • Math 911 for Parents: “Strategies to Help Students Master Georgia Standards of Excellence”
  • GA Milestone “Let’s Run this Mile”
  • “Are You Smarter Than a 3rd Grader?”
  • “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”
  • “Are You Smarter Than a Middle Grader?”

Scroggins Mathematics Service, Inc. is a premier tutoring company that has successfully tutored Elementary, Middle and High School students in Georgia. The small group instruction allows the tutor to identify and work on students’ individual weaknesses, based upon pre-test results. Instructional materials are provided and are aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence that students must master for success on the Georgia Milestones Assessment. The research-based mathematics curriculum has been especially effective in improving students’ mathematics performance on state assessments and in the classroom.

Pull-out  or Push- in Services

  • Georgia Standards of Excellence Tutoring (Grades 1st-9th)
  • Boot Camps
    • GA Milestones 3rd-9th
    • Coordinate Algebra

Individual  Tutoring

tutoring application


Homework Assistance

    • Georgia Standards of Excellence
    • Boot Camps (Test Taking Strategies)
      • GA Milestone 3rd-9th
      • GHSGT
      • Coordinate Algebra


  • ACT Prep
  • GACE Basic Math Prep
  • ASVAB Prep

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