Math 911 Workshops

  Math 911 for Educators and Parents:
“Strategies to Help All Students Master Common Core”

Description of Workshop
The ultimate goal of any instructional strategy, curriculum, or education reform initiative is to increase student achievements, individuals’ knowledge as well as student’s preparedness for future endeavors. In this interactive session, participants will learn strategies specific to grade level Georgia Standards of Excellence that will help increase student mastery of math concepts, enhance student achievement, and also reignite the interests of students who have convinced themselves that math is complicated and oftentimes find completing math related tasks unfathomable.

Elementary Teachers

Numbers and Operations Base 10

  • Place Value
  • Addition Strategiesprofessional developmnet
  • Multiplication Strategies
  • Division Strategies
  • Number Theory
  • Fractions ( Model & Operations)
  • Decimals ( Model & Operations)

Measurement and Data

  • Customary Units
  • Elapsed Time

Middle School Teachers

Number System and Expressions & Equations

  • Proportions
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Integers
  • Square Roots
  • Equations
  • Slope
  • Systems

Elementary Parents 

Numbers and Operations Base 10

  • Place Value
  • Addition Strategies
  • Multiplication Strategies
  • Division Strategies
  • Fractions ( Model & Operations)
  • Decimals ( Model & Operations)






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